Open field is open...

to the study and education of movement and different dance cultures. We focus on a therapeutic and analytical approach based on a field research and application of Laban Movement Analyses. Our interest goes mainly from European cultures to the East, specifically Central Asia and India. We integrate dance, rituals, live music and poetry with western knowledge.


Our aim is to:

CREATE a space for meeting cultures and traditions of different cultures in order to enrich the spiritual and cultural values of Czech society.

EDUCATE our comunity, adults, dancers and non-dancers

INVOLVE the Czech public (both experts and laymen) in all our activities.

TO OPEN the Open Field multicultural centre focused on dance, music and other media.


Our activities:

WE ORGANIZE activities for the public – we have organized several international festivals, many dance and musical productions, lectures, meetings, art, dance and music workshops.

WE SUPPORT those who want to study and create with us. Open Field covers the dance group Zephyr and Hearn Gadbois‘ drum ensemble.

WE EDUCATE pedagogs, therapists, dancers, actors and all kinds of movers thru the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System.

WE COOPERATE with various NGOs: Check Point Art, Berkat, Tolerance 95, Hlasohled, freelance artists - Tschiltan (Ger), Hearn Gadbois (USA/CZ), Human Landscape Dance Co.(USA), Sashar Zarif (Azer/Can), Maya Sapera (Belgium), Mahabub Khan (India/BE), Shahab Tolouie (Iran/CZ) and others

Our projects are supported by the the City of Prague and other partners.

You can learn in detail about current and past projects by clicking here (NEWS) and here (Archive).