24.-31.7.2010, Prague, Studio Zambra

summer intensive dance workshop with Sashar Zarif

  • "Gossip"

    This workshop introduced dances that are about cultural body language of Iran, Azerbaijan and Asia. These dances involve gestural movements as well as dynamic postural movements. The participants learn traditional movements that stems from cultural body languages and gestures with the cultural explanation behind them.

  • Master Class

    We explored new hybrid movements of the contemporary Eastern Cultures  through introducing the Time Arts Integrated trio ensemble from the east (poetry, music, and dance).
    Contemporary approaches/traditional bodies Moving with Time, The dialectic movement in content and between form and content. The dialectic movement refers either to a mental process or to a process believed to occur in objective reality. However in this context  it refers to a process by which the dancer/mover gradually comes to reach a certain insight into his or her dance. What the dancer/mover depicts is life in motion and the objective reality with its real driving forces and real developmental tendencies. The movement of this dynamic reality is dialectical, or "a living and moving unity of contradictions." In order to be objective, therefore, the artist does not completely dominate his or her body, but let it have its own dialectical movements.

    The artist, on the other hand, must convert the breath and depth of his or her inner movement into a self-contained and decisive form, and thus there is a dialectic between content and form, or imitation and embodiment. Besides letting his or her movement gain a certain degree of autonomy, the artist regulates his or her action through choreography and provides these actions with a self-contained, clear, and sensual context so that the movements developments in this context reflect the totality of life. This dialectical creative process, in other words, resolves the contradiction between appearance and reality, the particular and the general and merge the two into a spontaneous but artistic integrity. Dance, therefore, is not only a reflection of reality, but "a truer, more complete, more vivid and more dynamic reflection of reality."

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