MEVLANA - poezie v pohybu


3rd project with renown dancer and choreographer Sashar Zarif (Azerbai/Can)

  • Dance and Music  Week Workshop - Sashar Zarif led workshop participants to discover Persian mystic dance techniques, expression and chants and melodies from Central Asia.

  • Sufi Dance ritual - reconstruction by Sashar Zarif, a result of his studies and dance expeditions aroun Central Asia.

  • Dance Performance MEVLANA - dedicated to the Jalalludin Rumi (Mevlana) Sufi poetry. Performers: Sasahar Zarif, Rena Milgrom, Hearn Gadbois and workshop participants with final 30 minute presentation "Ashk olsun" (May it become love) inspired by Sufi Dance rituals and song folk tradition of  Gahshghai Nomadic Turks in Iran.


Project supported by grant of City of Prague.


Mevlana photogalery   •   Mevlana photogalery - photos by J. Schwertner


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