SILK ROAD in dance and music

Forgotten Central Asia Heritage Asie


Silk Road refers the network of former trade roads from China across Central Asia to Europe. During 2000 years of its existence, the Silk Road became a crossroads and melting point of cultures. Caravans that were crossing the dangerous Taklamakan, transported not only silk, spices, and other goods, but also knowledge of arts snd crafts, science, religion, culture and folk traditions.

Over 30 artists from Central Asia, Europe and the USA formed symbolic caravan on trail, bringing rich and fascinating cultural heritage from Central Asia and China...

  First opening night: 19.11.2006 in Roxy Nod in Prague, three further shows:  26.11.2006 Prague Municipal Library, 2.3.2007 at 27. Smetana´s Days in Theater Peklo in Pilsen, 13.4.2007 Theater Barka in Brno.


Project supported by grant of Prague City.

Photogalery Silk road   •   Photogalery Silk road - photo by  J. Schwertner   •   Press release from Brno performance


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