Global Water Dances is exciting project which will be performed worldwide on the 25. June 2011.


Dancing for Safe Water Everywhere

Time-Zone Spanning Performances to Motivate Action

  • On June 25, 2011, Global Water Dances will celebrate the importance of water in human life with a 24-hour series of performances moving across the time zones of the world.
  • “On July 25, 2011, we will be using dance and music to blend our local water issues with the global struggle to insure safe water for every human being” said Marylee Hardenbergh, artistic director for Global Water Dances. “Dancers and choreographers in more than 33 countries are already at work, and new countries are joining us every week.”
  • Global Water Dances will start with performances in countries in the South Pacific, rolling westward through the time zones. Each group will produce a 3-part performance. The first two parts will be site-specific, locally produced and locally choreographed, using local musicians and dancers. But in the final part, all groups will use a common theme, using the same piece of music.
  • Global Water Dances will give people a new and unique way to express our deepening concern about the growing world-wide water crisis,” said Hardenbergh. “More than 1 billion people right now do not have access to safe water. By moving together on this special day, we will mobilize people to develop and demand solutions to water problems at every level.”
  • Global Water Dances artistic director Marylee Hardenberg has choreographed site-specific dances in settings as varied as the bombed-out Parliament Building in Sarajevo to 2006’s One River Mississippi, a one-day celebration of the Mississippi with events from the river’s headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico.


For more information, visit Global Water Dances.