2. International Festival of Persian Dance and Mystique

26.11. - 7.12.  2008, Prague (CZ)


The Meridian Dance Festival, held in late November and early December 2008, was carried by the notion of conecting. Like a meridian connecting places on the planet, dance connects people as a universal means of communication. It connected current art with ancienit traditions, poetry and music, everyday life with mystique, the hidden with the obvious, Europe with Asia, stories of everybody... We tried to inspire every explorer his own way to openness, tolerance, creativity, to encourage to find truth in life…..

Dance Meridian 2008 was a sequel to the Rumi Alive festival (2007), looking at sufism in general and drew its inspiration from other Persian mystics as well.

The festival composed of 3 shows. There were 5 dance workshops and a weekend caligraphy workshop. Again there was a space for open discussion, this year about the hidden meaning of sufi poetry.


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Dance performances:


  • Dance workshops: Dances of Central Asia / The beauty of Persian dance  / Dancing Santoor

Open discussions:

  • Topics: Transcendentální evoluce / Súfismus jako prostředek pro výuku tance /Výzkum súfijských rituálů střední Asie / Vnitřní smysl súfijských básní / Rúmí a Shams z Tabrízu