Persian Mysticism in Dance, Music and Art

8.-11.11.2007, Prague 


During November 8.-11., the Prague based NNO Open field organized a four-day international festival celebrating the 800. years anniversary of  the Persian mystic, poet and philosopher Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi, known as Mawlana. The festival was held in accordance with the UNESCO declaration of 2007 as the Internationl Year of Mawlana.

The Rumi Alive Festival, like Rumi's own work, expressed many colours and levels and  provided a broad spectrum of information and experiences for both academic scholars and the general public. The aim of the Festival was not only to celebrate Rumi´s creative genius, but also to explore Rumi´s influence on contemporary artists.

Patron of the Rumi Alive Festival: Prof. PhDr.ThDr. Thomas Halik.


More information about actions:

Concert and dance performance: Rumi Alive

Documentary: Rumi returns


Open discussion: Rumi Forum



  • HAVE A LOOK  into Jalalludin Balkhi Rumi wisdom with Rumi workshop - write a key word, for example "joy", into the search field and find out what Rumi says about the topic (Tolerance95).



  • B & Austrian friends: "It was a great pleasure and honour for me and my friends to participate in very special event. I was there with 9 more friends from all Austria and we enjoyed each day. The film was impressive though some of my friends couldn't understand everything because of the English language. We can hardly wait for the DVD to come out. Personally I found the forum on Friday very interesting. It was great to learn more about RUMI's live, the history and the importance of his work. Some of my friends and me attended the calligraphy workshop on Saturday. We had a relaxed - because of the German language - and challenging course there and enjoyed the wonderful place at the same time. One of the highlights was the performance in the evening. My two friends who are dancing teachers as well - and joined the dance workshop on Sunday morning - were enthusiastic of the beauty and expressiveness of the dances and the fine music....To participate in the final ritual Sunday evening was a must then for us. It was not only a great pleasure to dance there but we could consolidate our friendship once more at the same time. We want to thank all those numerous people who worked so hard and successfully for the festival. But first place we say thank you to Rena who even invited us to her place and spent some of her valuable time with us. Returning home on Monday we we felt enriched and happy having been so lucky to experience such a special event in Prague.